This Girl Is Wondering If She Is To Blame For Her Friend Dropping Out Of College Just A Year Before Graduation

Evgenia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A nineteen-year-old girl met a twenty-year-old boy named David while at college. They both enrolled in a pretty small and interactive class, so after she sat next to him on the first day, they got to talk a lot.

As the class went on, the girl and David realized they had many common interests. Primarily, they were both huge movie nerds and ended up bonding over that.

But, this innocent friendship quickly took a turn for the worst. While watching a movie together one night, David confessed his feelings for the girl.

Unfortunately, she did not feel the same way but did not want to hurt his feelings– especially after learning how hard it was for David to make friends.

“So, I danced around the topic and said that I had never been in a relationship before– which was true– and wanted to take things slow and just be friends,” the girl said.

After this conversation, though, David did everything but go slow. He would shower the girl with “overly poetic” compliments that made her utterly uncomfortable and give her extravagant gifts in class.

David also often skipped class and invited himself to the girl’s lunch plans with her friends. Apparently, he would sit silently and just watch her and her friends catch up.

Another habit that really got to the girl was how David compared her to other students.

“He would say things like, ‘you’re the smartest one in that class’ or ‘you’re the only one I can actually stand.’ He was also really negative, and sometimes I thought he had depression– especially when he said things like ‘seeing you is the only thing that makes me happy’ or ‘whenever you leave, I just feel empty,” the girl explained.

Evgenia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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