A Flood Ruined Her Small Business And Her Friend Is Trying To Help Her Rebuild

In the past 2 years, we have seen a resurgence of at-home crafters building small businesses from the crafts they create.

Some of those crafters have gotten popular enough that they have been able to get storefronts opened, and some have to rely on the space in their personal homes.

The reliance on home workshops is a major thing these people depend on to be able to do the things they love. When someone loses this workspace, they are devastated.

That’s what happened to the blogger of Color Me Crafty, Jamela Payne. “In the recent storms, her basement craft studio completely flooded,” GoFundMe organizer and Jamela’s friend Cori George explained.

“Everything from furniture to her expensive camera equipment to some of her crafting machines to tons of materials and supplies are a complete loss.”

“Jamela’s business helps support her family, and this loss is devastating.”

To have a friend so supportive of what one is doing with their craft is a gift. I know not everyone has friends that would drop everything and help them rebuild their business.

Something that is super unfortunate is that the insurance company won’t cover the losses or any of the damages.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jamela’s flooded studio

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