Anna Sorokin Is Now Offering NFTs In An Attempt To Interact With The Public And Tell Her Side Of The Story

Since the hit Netflix series “Inventing Anna” was released in February, Anna Sorokin– also known as Anna Delvy– became a household name.

The girl once revered as a New York City socialite and German heiress went from conning the top one percent to being convicted on a slew of grand larceny and theft charges.

Anna was sentenced to four to twelve years in jail and sent to prison in upstate New York following the trial in May of 2019.

But, she was released early due to good behavior before ICE took her into custody for overstaying her visa.

And now, the thirty-one-year-old who captured the attention of tens of millions of viewers reportedly has plans to revitalize her image using NFTs. In fact, her newest project has even been coined “Reinventing Anna.”

On her personal website, the infamously fascinating woman announced her intentions with the project.

“Anna’s first creative endeavor since the world learned her name marks the beginning of the next chapter of her life. After letting someone else tell her story, Anna is ready to speak for herself,” the web synopsis reads.

In essence, Anna will now be producing NFTs that can be bought by both “fans and haters” to gain unrestricted access to her life.

Instagram; pictured above is Anna

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