The Worst Statements People Can Include In Their Dating App Bios Have Been Revealed In An Outrageous Reddit Thread

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

The pressure to have the “perfect profile” on dating apps is real. And after selecting your favorite photos to include, the real challenge begins while writing your bio.

How long should bios be? How much information is too much information? And are emojis frowned upon?

It is not uncommon for dating app users to spend a long time pondering an ideal one-liner or clever joke to include. But, it might help to know what people on the internet immediately get turned off by in dating app blurbs.

Thankfully, one Reddit user recently asked people to share the “worst thing” that someone can include in their bio. And some of them are downright red flags.

Any Cheaters. Period.

“When they say, ‘No face picture until I know you don’t know my husband or wife.’ I have seen this multiple times.”


“Or, alternatively, ‘I’m either cheating or trying to cheat.”


Drobot Dean – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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