She Discovered Her Old Love Letter To Her Ex-Boyfriend At Goodwill And She Decided To Buy It Back

People often find some pretty shocking things at thrift stores. But, one TikToker named Kaylee Powell recently discovered the most unexpected relic to date– a gift she made for her ex-boyfriend a decade ago.

That’s right; while browsing through her local Goodwill, an arts and crafts creation of her past caught her eye– a mosaic heart of two bunnies holding hands.

“This is a piece I made ten years ago for my high school boyfriend,” Kaylee said in shock.

And, apparently, she had written an entire love letter on the back of the heart for her boyfriend. But, unfortunately, the back was completely covered in red paint.

“You can see that he painted over my love letter. But that’s where my signature was,” Kaylee continued while showing off the heart.

The best part is that she actually purchased the gift. Her plan was to fix it up and, hopefully, unveil the letter written on the back.

“Because I want to know what sixteen-year-old romantic stupid Kaylee wrote to her stupid high school boyfriend,” Kaylee explained.

And the whole TikTok community was here for it.

TikTok; pictured above is the mosaic Kaylee made

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