Her Boyfriend Admitted That He Wasn’t Sure She Was The One For Him, So She Dumped Him

annanahabed - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A girl in her 20s spent close to the last 5 years of her life with her boyfriend, who is 8 years older than she is.

She and her boyfriend even moved in with one another 3 years ago, and she was convinced he was the guy for her.

She was (and still is) head over heels for him, and they never had any major problems that they couldn’t overcome together.

She felt pretty blindsided recently when she noticed that she was trying to move their relationship forward, and her boyfriend was hesitant to do the same.

Initially, she figured her boyfriend’s hesitation stemmed from his own mom getting divorced over and over again when he was a child, but it turns out he really is afraid of commitment.

She was disappointed not to be moving towards engagement or marriage with him, and she was honest about wanting these things very much.

Also, her boyfriend had said he was interested in getting married and having kids at the beginning of their being together, so she figured they were working towards the same things together.

As the years went on, though, her boyfriend became more and more unable to talk about these next steps.

She has attempted to push him toward revealing to her why he doesn’t want to move their relationship along, and he refused to really open up.

annanahabed – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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