She Knows A Girl Who Constantly Cheated On The Guy She’s About To Marry So She’s Thinking It’s Time To Give Him A Heads Up Before He Gets To The Altar

prostooleh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old girl previously was in a relationship with a guy that she spent 2 years with. They have been broken up for some time, and after they parted ways, she kept being friends with some of his friends.

One friend of her ex’s, in particular, that she has gotten close to is a girl who is about to get married to her ex’s best friend.

“I was supposed to go to the wedding this weekend but recently found out that she has cheated on him multiple times with different people, two times worth noting (a dude from a bar at her bachelorette party and a friend after her bridal shower),” she explained.

“That being said, I told her it felt fraudulent and that I could not attend the wedding. She shows little remorse and has somewhat of a track record.”

“Since processing all of this, I told her we can’t continue to be friends. Question is, do I tell my ex that his best friend since childhood has been cheated on since he’s in a better position to deliver that information tenderly?”

Although she was close with this girl, she doesn’t really know the guy she’s getting married to, but this guy is her ex’s best friend.

She’s thinking that her ex really might be the best person to help tell him the news, and she feels bad for him.

This guy is personable and she does not want him to be flying blind into this marriage, expecting his future wife to be faithful when she hasn’t been.

Putting herself in this guy’s shoes, she would want someone to tell her, as she would not want to get married to a cheater.

prostooleh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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