She Shared A Video Washing Her Kale In A Washing Machine And TikTok Has Questions

“So I’m still reading comments (from the first video),” Ashley started in the second video. “And yeah, I cleaned the washing machine on the clean tub cycle before (washing the veggies). I put the kale in there and then cleaned it again after I washed it.”

Ashley continued to explain that she did not use any detergent on the greens but instead vinegar. And she always made sure to clean the tub both before and after washing her greens.

“And I’m happy to report that I’ve still been doing laundry in that same washing machine,” she added. “And my clothes have been smelling pretty good.”

Ashley reassured me that she has no issues with her current habit or washing machine. 

“I don’t know why everybody’s washing machines are full of mold and bacteria, but you might want to see that. Mine’s not,” Ashley pointed out. “The outside might have some dirt, but the inside? Clean.”

However, even after the explanation, some people still didn’t fully believe in those “hacks.”

“Open your washing machine filter and tell me if you still think this is a good idea…” top comment brianbethel388 said.

“No, (vinegar) does not kill the bacteria inside a washing machine. Using the wash cycle does not do that either. You use bleach,” another commenter MarNae wrote.

But a few comments supported Ashley’s idea and backed her up. “Then they clean the washer out again before using it for cleaning clothes. It does clean your greens well all you judgment people chill,” Skye Foster656 wrote.

Do you think washing your greens in a machine is a doable idea? Would you try this “life hack”?


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