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She’s Been Dating A Guy 4 Years Younger Than She Is, And He Just Said That She’s Too Old For Him To Be With Forever

“He said it’s been on his mind recently because he really likes me and can see a future with me, that I’m everything he ever imagined in a future wife, but my age has been holding him back.”

He then confessed that he had been speaking to his loved ones about his feelings about her age, and they couldn’t believe that he would get hung up on that.

“He wants 5+ kids (I do too, 3-5, and before I met him), and he said with the 2ish years he would need in a relationship to be completely sure, I just wouldn’t have the biological time to have his kids,” she continued.

She was incredibly upset by his words, and she felt bad that he was bringing this all up to her.

He did appear to be regretful as he unloaded all of this on her, and she’s left thinking that she really can convince him otherwise.

“Now, the thing is, I know we are right for each other,” she concluded. “I know that I can give him the life he wants, though maybe not the one he thinks he wants right now (although I do still think I’m young enough that 5 kids aren’t a stretch).”

Do you think she should end things with him or try to work on convincing him that she is the best person for him, even if she’s only 4 years older?

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