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She’s Been Seeing A Guy Who Left Her Alone In A Hotel Room Close To Midnight, And He Claimed That He Needed To Run Home To Play With His Son

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old college girl has been seeing a guy who is 44-years-old, and they spend up to 11 hours a day talking on the phone.

She goes to college in a state separate from the one that she grew up in, but he asked if he could pay for her to fly to her home state to see him and she agreed.

She hopped the plane and later arrived, and he picked her up, promising that he had a “surprise” for her.

He ended up taking her to a pretty fancy hotel, and they slept together, but a couple of minutes later he said he needed to run back home quickly to “play with his son.”

At that point, it was 11:30 in the evening, and she was feeling pretty confused as to why he was leaving her alone at the hotel…

…Especially considering that she was not in town for that long.

“I’m only here for 5 days I said cool I thought he’d be back maybe within an hour,” she explained.

“He never came back it is now almost 7 am and he texts me good morning are you up? Yeah I’m up and we have to drive several hours to board a cruise today.”

“Idk how this is going to happen I just don’t understand how someone who claims to like me so much can just leave me mind you I JUST got here last night via plane.”

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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