This Mom Addressed The Hate She Receives On Social Media Because She Remarried Her Ex-Husband

Georgia Lawrence, a wife and mom from Alabama, recently addressed the ridiculous amount of hate she receives on TikTok about her marriage.

Five years ago, she and her husband, Jeremy, went through a rough patch in their marriage and got divorced.

They both tried to move on and remained separated for nearly two years.

Then, a twist of fate occurred.

“One day, I was driving down the road, and he ended up next to me. He rolled down the window and asked to talk,” Georgia explained.

The pair ended up pulling over on the side of the road and having a true The Notebook moment.

“You know that scene where Noah is all like, ‘What do you want! What do you want!’ That is pretty much exactly what happened,” Georgia continued.

During that conversation, Jeremy also revealed that he never stopped longing for her.

TikTok; pictured above is Georgia

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