This Teen Bookworm Has Gained Over 223,000 Instagram Followers Since His Sister Shared His Awful Bullying Experience On Twitter

Ellis Landreth, a big sister from the U.K., tweeted about her brother’s horrible experience with school bullies back in 2020.

“I cannot believe how awful kids are. My little brother [Callum] made an Instagram account reviewing and talking about books,” Ellis wrote alongside a screenshot of her brother’s account.

“Kids in his new school have seen it and created a group chat– calling him a creep and slagging him off about it. They added him to the chat so he could see.”

The upsetting story broke the hearts of Twitter users around the globe, and Ellis’ post quickly gained over one hundred and sixty-seven thousand likes, twenty-one thousand retweets, and thousands of replies.

People could not fathom that Callum’s simple love of books made him a target at school.

And aside from showing the boy an outpouring of love and support, countless users also decided to follow his Instagram account in solidarity.

The follow-frenzy surrounding this particular tweet also caught the attention of some notable authors– one being Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman is an English author who penned numerous famous books, including Coraline, American Gods, Stardust, and The Sandman.

Instagram; pictured above is Callum

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