Michigan Woman Sues Man Over A Date Gone Wrong And Footage Of The Hearing Just Went Live On YouTube

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How do you handle a date gone wrong? Do you confront the person, ghost them, or block them altogether?

Well, if you think that any of these measures are a bit drastic, you will be shocked to learn that a Michigan woman recently sued a man after their date did not go as planned.

QaShontae Short of Flint, Michigan, is now suing Richard Jordan for ten thousand dollars.

QaShontae has accused Richard of intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon her after the date went sideways.

More specifically, the woman is claiming that Richard never showed up for their date and left QaShontae alone on her mother’s birthday, who had just recently passed away.

Following the incident, QaShontae filed her suit in 2020 and hoped Richard would be held accountable.

Due to COVID-19 and courts enduring back-ups, the case was just recently heard in court, and Zoom footage from the hearing was posted on YouTube.

The footage is a bit chaotic and begins with the judge first telling QaShontae that cases of intentional infliction of emotional pain are not usually brought up in district court. Instead, they are normally heard in circuit court.

Later, Richard also claimed that he did, in fact, go on a date with QaShontae. At that point, the hearing took an emotional turn.

photoguns – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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