This Yoga Instructor With Over 17 Years Of Experience Was Almost Barred From A Yoga Class Due To What She Looks Like

Tiffany Crow, a woman with over four hundred and sixty thousand followers on TikTok, is no stranger to yoga. In fact, she has been a yoga instructor for nearly two decades.

Despite her extensive resume of experience, though, Tiffany still encounters prejudice because of her size.

She recently shared a disheartening conversation with another yoga studio that actually tried to bar her from an “advanced class” due to her looks.

Tiffany had decided to try out a new studio and signed up for a high-level class. After all, she has been practicing and teaching yoga for years. But, after trying to sign in at the front desk, Tiffany experienced some push-back.

“You do realize that this is a more advanced class?” the studio employee first asked Tiffany.

“Yeah, that’s exactly why I am taking it. I am a yoga teacher and have been practicing for over seventeen years,” she responded.

Despite all of this credibility, though, the employee looked Tiffany up and down and said, “Okay, we just don’t see very many people with larger bodies like yours. So, just keep in mind that if it gets too hard, you can always rest in child’s pose.” Say what?

Stephanie was taken aback and said, “That’s one way to look at it.” Then, the employee forced her to “double check” with the yoga instructor because she might think the class was “too difficult.”

TikTok; pictured above is Stephanie in her video recounting her experience at the yoga studio

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