18-Year-Old YMCA Lifeguard Helps Deliver Baby After A Mom Went Into Labor On The Pool Deck

On July 24, eighteen-year-old Natalie Lucas arrived at her local YMCA in Longmont, Colorado, for another routine lifeguarding shift.

But, the teen rose way above her job description that day after a female member went into labor.

The expectant mother, Tessa Rider, had been visiting the Y pool with her husband, Matthew Jones. Tessa was just a couple of days past her due date when, upon entering the pool, her water immediately broke.

“All of a sudden, I felt this need to push,” she said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Tessa alerted her husband to retrieve the car while she tried to get out of the pool. The couple’s plan was to race to the hospital and deliver their baby there.

But, once Tessa stepped out of the pool, she collapsed onto her hands and knees. At that moment, the mom knew her baby was not waiting any longer.

Natalie was the only lifeguard on duty that afternoon and jumped into action. The teen quickly gathered a first aid kit and towels and told her supervisors about the birth.

Then, the teen lifeguard of three years focused on making sure Tessa remained comfortable.

Facebook; pictured above is the adorable baby born at the YMCA

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