After This Woman Did Not Respond To An Unsolicited Picture From Her Tinder Date, He Accused Her Of Being Needy

Rebekah Scanlan, the Lifestyle and Beauty Editor for Australia, recently shared yet another #TinderFail with the TikTok community.

And this time, an unsolicited picture sent by one of her dating app matches literally pushed her to tears.

It all began when Rebekah started seeing a guy she matched with on Tinder. They had only gone on a few dates but texted constantly.

And, the last time the pair saw each other, they discussed going out again– which she thought was a good sign.

But then, a few days later, Rebekah realized that the guy never confirmed another set day or time for their date. So, she reached out, but his response took her back.

“Lol, I am going away, so not anytime soon,” the man allegedly responded.

So, at that point, Rebekah decided to leave the situation alone and did not respond. But then, the following evening, the man had the nerve to send her an unsolicited picture completely out of the blue.

“Look, I am down for a bit of flirty texting with a guy who you are seeing– that’s fine. But I have to admit that the full frontal took me by surprise,” Rebekah explained. Yikes!

TikTok; pictured above is Rebekah in her video

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