She Was Shot 4 Times In Her Own Driveway As She Was Getting Ready For A Garage Sale, And Although Her Murder Was Caught On Camera, Her Killer Has Never Been Identified

Elizabeth Barraza of Tomball, Texas, was a daughter, sister, and wife who loved reading Harry Potter books and supporting the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

In 2012, she graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a boyfriend named Sergio Barraza, whom she met while in college.

Then, following graduation, the pair got married in February of 2014 while pursuing their own successful careers. Elizabeth was a data reporter, while Sergio worked as a crew chief for flooring installations.

And by January of 2019, the happy couple had bought their own home in Tomball, Texas, and were even preparing to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary together in Orlando, Florida.

But, on the morning of January 25– just two days before Elizabeth and Sergio were set to leave for their trip– the unthinkable occurred.

The couple had discussed hosting a garage sale from Friday, January 25 to Saturday, January 26, to sell some personal items.

However, after Elizabeth got a Starbucks coffee and began setting up the garage sale in her driveway at 6:15 a.m., Sergio left for work, and an unknown dark-colored Nissan Frontier Pro X4 Crew Cab pulled up to her home around 6:52 a.m.

The driver of the vehicle did a three-point turn, parked behind Elizabeth’s car, and walked up the Barraza’s driveway.; pictured above is Elizabeth

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