An Alabama Journalist Was Nearly Barred From Reporting On An Execution Due To A Dress Code

And despite her best efforts, the department representative still condemned Ivana’s skirt length.

They also deemed her open-toed heels “too revealing” and wanted to prevent the journalist from doing her job of witnessing the execution.

Thankfully, a Birmingham TV station photographer witnessed the entire ordeal and offered up his rain gear– including Columbia PFG-style fisherman’s wader pants and suspenders.

“The ADOC spokesperson deemed this an appropriate swap for my skirt,” Ivana recalled.

Then, after securing the too-big wader pants using suspenders under her shirt, the journalist was also forced to figure out another shoe solution.

Miraculously, Ivana had left a new pair of tennis shoes in her car earlier that day and quickly retrieved them.

And despite the uncomfortable experience, she continued to do her job.

“I felt embarrassed to have my body and clothes questioned in front of a room of people I mostly had never met. But, I sat down, tried to stop blushing, and did my work– as women often have to do,” Ivana said.

The incident has since prompted the Editor In Chief and Vice President of content for Alabama Media Group, Kelly Ann Scott, to speak out.

Twitter; pictured above is Ivana’s tweet

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