An Alabama Journalist Was Nearly Barred From Reporting On An Execution Due To A Dress Code

Ivana Shatara, the managing producer of news video and social media at the Alabama news outlet, has covered numerous executions in her time as a journalist.

But, on July 29, the reporter shared an uncomfortable run-in she had with the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) in regards to a sexist dress code.

“I was not going to share this story, but after another member of the media called attention to it, I wanted to get my story out there,” Ivana began in a Twitter update.

Earlier that Friday evening, she was tasked with witnessing and reporting on an execution. But, upon arrival, Ivana was met with resistance because of the length of her skirt.

“A representative of the Alabama Department of Corrections told me publicly that I could not view the execution because my skirt was too short,” the journalist continued.

“I have worn this skirt to prior executions without incident, as well as to work, professional events, and more.”

Ivana believes that her skirt was “more than appropriate” but even tried to pull her skirt waist to her hips in an attempt to make it longer.

Still, she shared how she is five-foot-seven and five-foot-ten while wearing heels– making her simply a “tall and long-legged person.”

Twitter; pictured above is Ivana

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