An Uber Driver Rescued Two People From A Brownstone Fire In NYC And Still Got His Passenger To LaGuardia Airport On Time

This past Wednesday, an Uber driver from New York City– Fritz Sam– was driving a passenger to LaGuardia Airport when he witnessed a tragedy.

Fritz saw a brownstone in the Brooklyn Bed-Stuy neighborhood billowing with flames. But instead of relying on first responders to arrive on the scene and continuing on with his shift, Fritz plunged into action.

He quickly parked his car, and he and the passenger both raced over to the apartment. Fritz also noticed that a second-floor apartment was suffering the brunt of the fire.

“Together, we just started shouting, ‘Is anyone inside?’ We screamed at the top of our lungs, ‘Come out, come out, there’s a fire,'” Fritz recalled.

He heard no response from occupants inside– which some might regard as a good sign. Fritz, though, could not rest without knowing for sure that no one was trapped in the building.

So, he followed his intuition, bolted into the burning building, and ultimately rescued two people– one woman and one man.

“All I wanted to do was do the right thing; display some courage. I was afraid, but there was a moment where I had to put that aside and focus on the task,” Fritz said in an interview with NBC New York.

Then, after firefighters arrived to extinguish the blaze, Fritz hopped back into his car and miraculously finished his Uber trip.

Twitter; pictured above is Fritz

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