Breaking Down K-Pop Group Blackpink’s Rise To Fame And Latest Record Breaking Feat

The group debuted back in 2016 with their first single album, Square One. The album is home to “Whistle,” the first track ever to land a top spot on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart.

The song “Boombayah” also did the same on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart– quickly making “Blackpink” a world-renowned name.

And, if you are wondering, ‘Why the name Blackpink?’ it’s because the women wanted to fight against stereotypical perceptions of femininity.

“I may look sweet, but I don’t act like it,” sang Jennie in one of their hit songs, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” underscoring their sentiment.

The Group’s Unstoppable Fame

Since debuting, Blackpink has gone on to release two studio albums, four single albums, three extended plays, one compilation album, and four live albums– an extremely impressive roster after just six years in the business.

The group has also ventured on two concert tours and raked in tons of dough via music sales, appearances, and merch.

Now, Blackpink is estimated to be collectively worth about sixty-two million dollars.

Jennie is the fourth most wealthy, coming in with a net worth of ten million dollars. Lisa is next, with a net worth of fourteen million dollars, and she is followed by Rosé– who has a net worth of eighteen million dollars.

Finally, the most wealthy member of Blackpink is Jisoo– who has earned her living through the music group as well as by landing roles in The Producers (2015), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), and Snowdrop (2021). She is worth about twenty million dollars.

Blackpink’s Next Move

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