Her Husband Cooked Dinner In A Heatwave In Their House That Has No Air Conditioning, And He Couldn’t Understand Why She Was Upset With Him

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Right now, the U.K. is experiencing a major heatwave, and one woman lives there along with her husband.

The house that she shares with her husband is pretty ancient and has no air conditioning.

On top of this, their house manages to always trap more heat in the summer, even when this couple opens up all of the windows.

It’s so hot in their house that their thermostat reads 90.5 degrees inside, and it feels positively stifling to live there right now.

If you step outside of their house, it’s not much cooler, though, and there’s just no relief from the heat.

Considering how unbearably hot it has been, she has spent the last couple of days telling her husband that they should try to avoid cooking or using their oven and that they should wait to make food until it gets back to 90 degrees in their house or less.

“We’ve got plenty of supplies for salads, and sandwiches, not to mention a supply of batch cooked food already in the freezer if someone did want something warm to microwave,” she explained.

“I come downstairs mid-afternoon after chilling out (as much as one can) in one of the rear rooms, and I’m blasted with heat.”

“He’s been cooking, looks at me, and says it’s nearly ready. Hobs and oven; the kind of food that takes about 40/50 mins of heat to get done.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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