Her Parents Wanted Her To Nanny Her Little Brother During Her Entire First Week Of College, And She Said No

Evgenia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This nineteen-year-old woman lives in Europe and has two brothers– who are seventeen and five years old.

And ever since her youngest brother, James, was born, her parents have expected a lot from her.

In fact, she believes she is basically her brothers’ free nanny sometimes– especially with her father constantly being away due to work and her mother trying to manage things on her own.

“I usually don’t mind… but my parents make it seem like he is my responsibility,” she said.

But, in September, she will be starting university. The campus is right in her hometown, so she will not be traveling too far.

Nonetheless, she got her own apartment that she will be moving into this weekend– which she is ecstatic about.

Plus, she even believed that her parents would be excited, too. Apparently, they have made multiple comments over the past couple of years about how they could not wait for her to leave the nest because she is “so lazy.”

Now, though, there is a major issue– her parents both have to travel for work for the entirety of next week and want her to take care of her five-year-old brother.

This normally would not be such a problem, but she does not want to miss orientation week.

Evgenia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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