Her Stepsister Bullied Her Throughout Their Entire Childhood, So When She Expected To Be Her Maid-Of-Honor, She Literally Laughed Out Loud

But, when Lacey arrived, she was wearing this extravagant white dress which made the woman do a double-take.

Then, she suggested something that made the woman literally cackle.

“She said I should tell my bridesmaids to get similar dresses because she wanted them to match the maid-of-honor– herself. And I laughed out loud because I honestly thought it was a joke,” the woman explained.

However, Lacey was allegedly being dead serious even though the wedding was one month away and the bridal party had been confirmed since the beginning of the year.

So, the woman tried to explain how there must have been some misunderstanding because her best friend, Aurora, was the maid-of-honor.

But Lacey was utterly pissed.

“She started saying some really vile stuff about Aurora and said she was supposed to be the maid-of-honor since she is family. I told Lacey that she has an ugly attitude and that I will never see her as my real family because she acts like people are below her,” the woman said.

The comments spurred a screaming match between the two step-sisters, and the woman ended up storming out afterward.

And since the altercation, the woman’s fiancé and friends have all supported her actions.

They believe that Lacey had acted really entitled and told the woman that she does not owe her step-sister anything.

On the other hand, though, Lacey’s parents believe that her statement was way too harsh.

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