Here’s How You Can Get Involved In Flash Food Relief Efforts And Stay Safe As Severe Weather Impacts States Nationwide

You can also contact United Way, a nonprofit organization that is seeking volunteers and financial donations.

The organization has pledged that one hundred percent of all donations will be used for St. Louis disaster response and recovery efforts.


The state of Kentucky just established the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund this past Thursday in response to the catastrophe. Any donations made to the fund are tax-deductible.

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is also accepting financial donations, while the Hazard Flea Market is accepting clothing, toiletries, and other essential items for victims of the flood.


The Tennessee Emergency Response Fund has recently been activated in response to the severe storms and flooding.

Fund grants will be directed to nonprofit organizations providing relief and restoration to Middle Tennessee. The fund is currently accepting monetary donations.

How To Remain Safe During Flash Floods

The National Weather Service has also issued a renewed warning for residents across the country regarding how to handle flash floods.

During periods of severe rain, stay away from flood-prone areas, including drainage ditches, stream beds, and culverts. Instead, evacuate to high ground if you believe your residence may be affected.

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