Here’s How You Can Get Involved In Flash Food Relief Efforts And Stay Safe As Severe Weather Impacts States Nationwide

This past week, states across the country– including Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee– have been suffering unprecedented weather conditions due to climate change.

St. Louis, Missouri, has already experienced two consecutive flash floods– the second causing seventy-five flood-related emergencies, sixty rescues, and six children to become stuck inside a daycare.

Last Monday, a flash flood that hit Appalachia in Kentucky also claimed the lives of thirty people, including at least four children.

This death toll is expected to rise; meanwhile, The National Weather Service in Jackson, Kentucky, is already predicting yet another severe rainfall tomorrow due to a cold front.

And just last night, East Tennessee residents suffered flash flooding after a severe storm passed through the Anderson, Knox, and Sevier County regions.

With such extreme weather repeatedly inundating residents nationwide, there are numerous ways to get involved with storm clean-up and community outreach.


In Missouri, you can contact the Salvation Army to volunteer or provide resources such as clothing and food to St. Louis families affected by the floods.

Facebook; pictured above is a photo from the Rising Center after they dropped some things off at Hazard Flea Market in Kentucky

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