In 1999, She Was Found Without Clothes In A Trash Bag Behind A Florist’s Shop, And Someone Either Strangled Her Or Suffocated Her

In 1999, Jubilee Lum of Honolulu, Hawaii, was twenty-one years old and engaged to be married.

She and her fiancé, Ambrocio Lazaro, were also expecting their first child together. Then, in August of that year, everything changed.

According to Jubilee’s mother, Melva Matunding, Jubilee had gotten mixed up in the wrong crowd at the early age of just thirteen.

She was known to frequent Chinatown throughout her teenage and early adult years, possibly getting caught up in drugs.

“We tried to keep her home, but she kept on going,” Melva said. Ambrocio, too, explained how he would frequently pick up his fiancé from Chinatown and ask her to stay home.

But, on August 24, Jubilee visited the neighborhood again, and it was her last time. She was last seen being picked up by a white or light-colored Ford Econoline van made between 1987 and 1990.

Then, at four months pregnant, her body was found without clothes in a plastic garbage bag behind a florist shop called Beretania Florist.

According to Crime Stoppers Detective Kim Capllonch, one of the florist’s employees discovered the bag while taking out the trash.

Honolulu Police Department; pictured above is Jubilee

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