Is The Food Coloring Lip Stain Trend On TikTok Safe? Let’s Investigate

Even though this makeup experiment trend appears fun and harmless, though, some people have questioned the safety of food dye.

Obviously, it is safe to eat– but can direct skin application cause any irritation, permanent staining, or adverse side effects?

Well, according to All Beauty Hacks, food dye is safe to use as a lip tint. However, users should be wary of the stain’s long-lasting effects.

If you choose to try a bolder shade as Sarah did, you may be left with residual staining for a few days.

Additionally, there is potential for the food dye to cause an allergic reaction– but these instances are quite rare, according to Healthline.

So, since the #FoodColoringLipStain fad appears safe, the only question now is, will you be hopping on the trend?

And to watch Sarah try out her bold lip stain, visit the link here.

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