She Called Out A Nurse Practitioner For Calling Herself A Doctor

dianagrytsku - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old woman is a radiology resident who recently met up with some friends at a bar.

One of her friends, Jason, also brought his new girlfriend named Alice along. But, while getting to know each other, Alice apparently misrepresented her profession to the woman.

It all began when the group started catching up over drinks. At one point, Jason asked the woman to retell a work story she had shared with him earlier that week, and the woman obliged.

But then, halfway through her story, Alice interrupted her and excitedly shared that they were colleagues.

“She said she could relate to my story so much being a doctor herself, and I thought great. It’s cool to meet new people who can relate to the hardships of medicine,” the woman recalled.

However, after the woman asked Alice if she was a resident or attending, she just said she was a dermatologist.

And being that Alice is a bit older than the woman, she just assumed Alice meant dermatology attending.

It later came out that Alice is not a physician at all, though. Instead, she is a nurse practitioner (NP) who works at a dermatologist’s office.

To be clear, the woman also has nothing against NPs. But, she recognizes that even though NPs can work independently without direct physician supervision in some states, that still does not make it a “good idea.”

dianagrytsku – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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