She’s Ranking The Best Tacos In New York City, And Here Are Her Top Picks

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

This comment was left on one of Seema Pankhania’s viral TikTok video where she spent the day rating taco shops around New York City.

Seema has been taking one for the team and eating nonstop to help those in the surrounding city find a delicious and affordable taco.

She started the TikTok off at the bottom of her list at La Esquina, where she got the chicken adobo tacos.

The influencer rated her first round of tacos with a 2/10, one bite; everybody knows the rules.

To her, the tacos were overpriced, a bit dry, and needed salt. You can quickly see her excitement fade as she continues to eat her tacos.

Tacombi on 30 W 24th Street was her next taco shop destination. Here she rated their tacos with a 5/10 as they were juicy and had great flavor!

However, the tacos should have had more filling, and her shells fell apart as she ate them.

TikTok; pictured above Seema rates one of the tacos

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