She Didn’t Use Any Garlic In A Meal Served At A Dinner Party, And One Of Her Guests Went Absolutely Ballistic

“He asked why I would even have a dinner party if I had such a limited palate and said that he would not have people over for Thanksgiving dinner if he were a vegetarian,” she recalled.

Understandably, she was taken aback and reiterated that she has GERD– so she cannot eat garlic. Still, though, Rick did not get the point. Instead, he tried to call her out for drinking a hard seltzer with dinner. “I had flattened it, and these are the only alcoholic beverages I can drink,” she reasoned.

Nonetheless, Rick kept carrying on about the garlic and arguing with her. Then, at one point, he even threw his hands out and asked the group, “Come on guys, am I really the jerk here?”

Finally, Rick’s girlfriend– who is actually her friend– stepped in and told her boyfriend to calm down.

But, even though this dinner party happened one month ago, Rick will not drop it. He has continued calling her a jerk and claims it was selfish to host a dinner party where she drank alcohol but did not cook with garlic.

So now, since this bizarre feud has persisted for so long, she is wondering if opting to cook for her friends without garlic was truly a jerky thing to do.

If you host a dinner party, are the ingredients used up to you? Does every dish need garlic to be tasty, or was Rick just being rude? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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