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She Moved To Texas Just For Her Husband, But Now She Desperately Wants To Go Home To London Along With Their Baby Girl

merla - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old woman grew up in London and only recently moved to America to be with her 31-year-old husband.

Her husband is from Texas, and that’s currently where they both now live.

She and her husband met while she was studying at the same college as him, but she then returned to London and kept dating him even though they were long-distance.

Two years ago she made the move to Texas so that she could live with her husband, and a year later they tied the knot.

Her husband’s job wouldn’t let him relocate, yet hers was willing to let her do that, so she had to be the one to make the move instead of her husband giving up his home.

Three months ago, they welcomed a baby girl, and this little family is still residing in Texas, but she finds herself frequently going through “culture shock” even though she has lived in Texas for two years.

“Growing up in the UK, 99% of the media is from America, which made me feel like I was familiar with this place and it wouldn’t feel strange to live here at all,” she explained.

“We live in a big city so I, naively, thought it would be just like London but with different architecture, climate, and nature.”

“Instead, it’s bathtub-sized toilets, people riding horses to the supermarket with gun holsters on, and cars you need a step ladder to get into.”

merla – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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