She Shared With TikTok Why You Should Never Sit Near The Kitchen At Restaurants

Where do you prefer to be seated when you go to dinner? Some couples like sitting at the bar to socialize and meet new people, while others prefer corner tables or lounging outside.

According to a TikToker named Kris, the only wrong answer is near the kitchen. And in a now-viral video, she shared why.

“This is your sign to NEVER sit beside the kitchen at a restaurant. Literal SOS,” Kris wrote before showing the back of her boyfriend’s polo shirt. It was covered in sauce stains.

That video alone reached 7.8 million people, gained one million likes, and spurred hundreds of comments about how the restaurant staff should have compensated the couple.

“I would not pay for a thing, and they better give me a complimentary dessert to go,” commented one user.

“As someone who has worked in a lot of restaurants, that is a comped meal in my opinion and a gift card for next time. Dude’s shirt is completely ruined!’ wrote a second user.

“I am such a Karen. I would have demanded free dinner, drinks, and the cost of my shirt,” joked a third.

All of these responses prompted a story time TikTok from Kris where she explained what really happened after the catastrophe.

TikTok; pictured above is Kris in one of her videos

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