She Shared With TikTok Why You Should Never Sit Near The Kitchen At Restaurants

Apparently, the couple did not get anything free. Instead, they were offered seventy percent-off drinks, which added up to only twenty-eight dollars off their entire bill.

Nonetheless, the pair laughed it off at the time and said that “accidents happen.”

Kris did reveal that if she were in her boyfriend’s situation, though, she would have likely reacted differently.

“I have to say, if I was sitting where my boyfriend was and those were my clothes, I probably would have gotten up and never went back,” she admitted.

Kris also shared how, after the spill, she was confident that the stains would come out. But, after soaking it and washing it, the stains are still alive and well.

And unsurprisingly, the TikTok community was infuriated after learning about the restaurant’s lack of compensation. Some followers also urged Kris to stand up for herself next time.

“Omg, they absolutely played you. No way,” commented one user.

“People have done far less to me. I always laugh it off, but they comp the meal anyway. Seventy percent-off drinks is them spitting in your face,” wrote a second user.

“Girl, no. You need to learn to fight for the both of you! If that were me, the meal would have been COMPED,” said a third.

If you were in Kris’ situation, would you have let seventy percent-off drinks slide? And after seeing her boyfriend’s shirt, do you plan to steer clear of kitchen seating? 

To watch the original TikTok, visit the link here.

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