She’s Inspiring TikTok With Her Tips On How She’s Overcome Her Stammer

She then continued to take her time while placing her order, feeling a lot less pressure after playing the message.

What seems to be Jessie’s favorite method is holding a small mirror up to her face while she orders.

This is so Jessie can maintain eye contact with herself and stay calm.

“I take my time and no longer feel rushed,” writes Jessie in a video. “If I feel I’m gonna stammer, I pause and start again.”

After months of experimenting, Jessie no longer feels afraid to order at a drive-thru window, which was a huge victory for her.

“Now we are working towards bigger speaking challenges,” she writes.

Aside from her drive-thru videos, Jessie has done incredible things to raise awareness for people living with speech impediments.

She has gone up to people on the streets to gift them some of her beauty products and spark some good conversation despite her stammer.

Jessie has also gone out in public with a sign reading, “I have a stammer. Let’s talk,” to get used to interacting with strangers.

What is Jessie up to today? Recently she married the love of her life, Josh, who she has been with for over 12 years.

After honeymooning with him in Greece, she returned to the U.K., where she received a ‘Point of Light’ award for all that she has done.

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