She’s Inspiring TikTok With Her Tips On How She’s Overcome Her Stammer

Jessie Yendle (@mimidarlingbeauty) has been living with a stammer since she was a little girl. Now, she’s inspiring people all over the world by speaking openly about it, documenting her progress, and spreading random acts of kindness.

Jessie has her own beauty brand and is a TikTok creator with a massive following. Jessie makes tons of videos about living with a stammer and how she finds new tips and tricks to control it every day.

In an interview with Talk Twenties podcast, Jessie revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic made her speech a lot worse since she wasn’t communicating face to face with that many people.

Some of her most popular videos are of her in a fast food drive-thru. In the past, Jessie has mentioned in her videos that ordering food at a drive-thru used to be extremely difficult for her.

The anxiety she faced as she pulled up to the window to order would make her stammer even worse.

Over time, she’s tried different methods to make ordering easier for her and has been consistent in practicing at multiple restaurants. Jessie films herself each time she goes and tries a new way to control her stammer while ordering.

One method included pre-recording a message on an iPad and playing it for the restaurant employee as soon as she pulled up.

“Hi, just to let you know, I have a stammer, and I really appreciate your patience. Thank you,” says Jessie on the recording.

TikTok; pictured above is Jessie in her video

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