This TikToker, Her Ex-Husband, And Her Current Boyfriend Are All Traveling The World And Raising Their Three Kids Together

Imagine a world where your current boyfriend and ex-husband not only get along exceptionally well but even travel the world and help raise your kids together.

Sounds like the twilight zone, right?

Well, for one woman named Nadine on TikTok, this is her reality. Her account @Wild.Family.Life is even dedicated to sharing the ins and outs of her unconventional family relationship.

And if you are wondering how the heck this even began, Nadine shared a TikTok describing how she met her current boyfriend after divorcing her ex.

While traveling in Portugal, she literally stumbled upon her partner.

“When you randomly meet a homeless junkie on the streets in Portugal. Three months later, he is clean and moves into your camper. Five and a half years later, you have the most beautiful daughter,” Nadine wrote.

And somewhere along the way, her ex-husband met her boyfriend, and they really hit it off. Now, they all travel the world as nomads together with their three children.

Some TikTok users could understandably not believe it after hearing Nadine’s story.

TikTok; pictured above is Nadine in one of her videos

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