This Mom And Her Daughter Are Both Pilots, And They Recently Flew Their First Southwest Airlines Plane Together

Imagine having your child look up to your career and say, “I want to be just like mom/ dad when I grow up.” I mean, how loving and satisfying is that?

It is the story of Holly Petitt, a captain of Southwest Airlines.

On July 23, 2022, Holly and her daughter, 25-year-old Keely Petitt, had flown their first Southwest flight together on Flight WN3658. 

Holly and Keely had made the history of Southwest Airlines as the first mother-daughter duo pilots.

Holly started her aviation career as a flight attendant fresh out of college, but “After riding the jumpseat in the flight deck, she realized she wanted to learn to fly planes,” Southwest Media wrote.

When Holly had made her career decision, she was also a full-time mother of three beautiful kids.

With her fantastic family support, aka her husband and mother, Holly was able to finish flight school and pass the training.

Holly had achieved her dream of becoming a pilot, and the goal had let her become a Captain at Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Co. | Schelly Stone; pictured above are Holly and Keely

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