This Plus-Size Content Creator Is Addressing Whether Or Not Fashion Trends Are Truly Stylish Or If They Just Look Good On Thin People

It is no secret that the fashion industry often excludes plus-size women in everything from marketing campaigns to size offerings.

But now, one plus-sized content creator named Emma Arletta is questioning if many of the clothing trends today are actually stylish or if they just look good on thinner people.

Her series entitled “Is it fashion or is she just skinny?” has gained widespread appeal on the TikTok platform, prompting many people to question what the fashion industry is constantly pushing as “on trend.”

Emma first finds clothing styles that are highly sought after each month. For example, on July 20, she bought the “poster girl dress.”

It is a semi-sheer mini dress with four large holes on the front, ranging from the collarbone to the belly button.

It also features cut-outs on both sides of the dress, beginning under the armpit and going all the way down to the hem.

The dress was worn by Kylie Jenner and has since been seen on countless influencers across the nation.

“But, I have not seen a big girl wear it,” Emma said. So, she found a dupe offered by the online boutique Fashion To Figure and tried it on for her TikTok followers.

TikTok; pictured above is Emma in her video

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