Toys R Us Will Be Re-Launched In All Macy’s Stores Nationwide Just In Time For The Holiday Season

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In 2018, Americans everywhere were devastated when the famous toy retailer Toys R Us closed down.

The beloved company went bankrupt after a private equity deal went wrong– saddling the company with billions of dollars in debt and forcing Toys R Us to close its doors.

But, Macy’s has recently made the announcement everyone has been hoping for– Toys R Us will be returning nationwide this year.

Macy’s has partnered with WHP Global to re-launch Toys R Us in every single Macy’s store this holiday season.

The store sections, which will range from one thousand square feet to ten thousand square feet, are being rolled out beginning this month until October 15.

Additionally, flagship locations will be available in major cities, including New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The stores will not only feature classic Toys R Us brand toys, though. They will also bring to life the Toys R Us brand that Americans everywhere know and love.

Demonstration tables will be set up in all stores to allow customers a chance to play with various toy assortments.

There will also be photo-taking opportunities with the famous life-size “Geoffrey on a Bench.”

wachiwit – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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