This Groom Is Fighting His Fiancé Because She Wants To Serve Their Guests Only Finger Foods While They Chow Down On An Entire Roasted Chicken Dinner

shchus - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

From florists to photographers to caterers, weddings are nowhere near a cheap undertaking. Still, one man believes that balling on a budget is not always the best option if it genuinely affects your guests’ experiences.

The man is getting married to his fiancé this year, and they have been navigating the wedding planning together. Well, sort of.

The bride-to-be is a bit overbearing, and most decisions are normally “her way or the highway.” Still, the man highly disagrees with her on one matter– their catered meal.

In an attempt to save money wherever possible, the couple decided to use Publix as their catering service.

The man did not take issue with this, but rather what his fiancé wanted to feed their guests.

“My wife thinks the guests will be okay just eating finger foods such as fruit and vegetable trays, assorted cheeses, wings, and chicken tenders,” the man explained.

And rather than the entire wedding– bride and groom included– eating these hors d’oeuvres, the bride wants her own special spread.

In fact, she planned to order an entire roasted chicken and sides for just her and the man, while everyone else at the wedding reception picked from finger food platters.

“I think it would be incredibly rude to have an openly much better meal than our guests would have; us tearing apart a full bird while they munch on tenders,” the man said.

shchus – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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