7 Years Ago, She Vanished After Going On A Cross-Country Trip With Her Boyfriend

In 2015, Nancy Bromet of Sunrise, Florida, was thirty-seven years old.

She lived with her father in the sunshine state and was known by friends and family as a warm-hearted person that everyone loved to be around.

But, in November of that year, she decided to take a road trip to Bakersfield, California, with her boyfriend, Julio – who was a long-haul truck driver.

So, on November 12, the pair headed cross-country. But, just five days later, on November 17, Nancy called her sister, Laura, and things immediately sounded off.

She apparently told Laura she was “distressed” and wanted to go home. The call allegedly got disconnected, though, and the Bromet family never heard from Nancy again.

According to authorities, Nancy was reported missing by Julio on November 22. He claimed to have last seen Nancy after dropping her off at a shopping mall in El Centro, California, while he finished deliveries and that she was not there when he returned.

“We have talked to businesses in that area [of the shopping mall] where she was supposedly dropped off,” explained Detective Luis Hernandez of the El Centro Police Department in a 2015 interview with Dateline NBC.

“We passed out fliers and put her on our El Centro Police Department Facebook page. But she has not been seen since.”

Facebook; pictured above is Nancy

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