A New Study Has Discovered A Link Between COVID-19 Infection And Type 1 Diabetes In Children

After the researchers filtered the data, the pool was shrunk to just over five hundred and seventy thousand patients. And later, the team compared children who had been infected by COVID-19 against children who had contracted different types of lung infections to determine the prevalence of T1D.

Finally, the team also divided their data in half to reflect children versus adolescents. So, one group consisted of patients under nine years old, while the other contained patients between the ages of ten and eighteen.

The researchers ultimately found that within six months of being infected by COVID-19, one hundred and twenty-three patients were also diagnosed with T1D. This is compared to only seventy-two patients who were infected by other lung infections.

Now, the team has advocated for parents to be proactive– especially if their child is already at a higher risk of developing T1D and contracts COVID-19. Known risk factors for T1D include family history and age.

The researchers are also pushing for further research in this sector in order to determine if children who develop T1D following COVID-19 infection experience a different disease progression than those who were not infected with the virus.

To read the study’s complete findings, which have since been published in JAMA Network Open, visit the link here.

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