He Bought His Niece Fancy Birthday Gifts But Is Refusing To Buy His Nephews School Supplies

De Visu - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man’s sister, Jennifer, is apparently a pretty terrible person. Jennifer first got married to her now ex, Wayne, and had a daughter named Andrea.

But then, Jennifer divorced Wayne to get married to her current husband, Lance.

“Lance is also an awful person and said that he did not want to raise Andrea since he only cared about having biological children,” he recalled.

In turn, Jennifer actually gave up full custody of her daughter in order to marry Lance. So, no one in her family has spoken to Jennifer since.

Andrea was just three years old when Jennifer gave her up, and Wayne was forced to be a single father for a while.

Wayne has remarried since then, though, to a woman named Emily. So now, Wayne and Emily are raising Andrea, who just started fifth grade, together.

“Andrea knows that Emily is not her biological mother, but my niece says Emily is her real mom anyway and does not care who her birth mom is,” he explained.

“We also have a great child therapist ready if Andrea ever needs her, but Andrea says she has not needed it yet.”

Anyway, Andrea’s birthday was just two weeks ago, so he brought her to Build-A-Bear. He got his niece a special bear with a ton of accessories, as well as a Mickey Mouse waffle maker.

De Visu – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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