He Was Worried His Parents Were Going To Be Late To His Wedding, So He Had A Fake Invitation Printed Up And Told Them It Started An Hour Earlier

prostooleh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-three-year-old man’s parents are always late for absolutely everything– which has resulted in him and his sister being disappointed countless times.

No matter if it is a graduation ceremony, birthday party, or his father’s own retirement dinner, his parents are simply incapable of arriving on time.

“And it is completely my mother’s fault. She is a wonderful mother, and I love her dearly. She just does not understand the concept of punctuality,” he explained.

So, at this point, he and the rest of his family are all used to expecting his parents to be late.

But, after he got engaged to his twenty-eight-year-old fiancé, she made it clear that lateness would not be tolerated at their wedding.

“My now-wife told me in no uncertain terms that if my mother was late for our wedding, she would do terrible things to me,” he recalled.

“She was only half joking. But, she was also a witness to my mom and dad arriving halfway through my cousin’s quiceañera.”

In turn, he decided to devise a pre-wedding plan to make sure that, no matter what, his parents would not show up late and ruin the ceremony.

So, while he and his fiancé were getting wedding invitation samples printed, he pulled the printer aside and made a special request.

prostooleh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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