He Went Behind His Wife’s Back And Sold Off All Of Her LuLaRoe Products

Apparently, his wife had spent a decent amount of money on all of the merchandise and had even dipped into their emergency fund– which made him pretty angry.

So, while in a bit of a rage, he decided to sell off a ton of her merchandise while she was at her parent’s house.

And he ended up selling all of the products for relatively cheap since he honestly did not believe they would fly off the shelves for anything higher.

But then, some of his family members and friends started calling him out for making a shoddy decision. Plus, after his wife came home and he told her what he’d done, she totally flipped.

“She freaked out at me, saying I was abusive, horrible, and other insults before leaving to stay at a friend’s house,” he explained.

So now, since he is being called a jerk by basically everyone in his life, he is starting to feel pretty guilty and is not sure if selling his wife’s products without her permission was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think he had a right to go behind his wife’s back? Does it help his case that the company was LuLaRoe? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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