Her Half-Brother Thinks It Isn’t Right That She Accepted Inheritance Money From His Grandmother, Who She Isn’t Even Related To

“My dad wasn’t close with his own family, and my mom’s family always seemed a little distant with me, so it was nice to have Claire. She treated me just like she treated my brothers, even though we weren’t related. She was really the only maternal figure I ever knew, and I loved her like family.”

“Claire died a few months ago; she had been ill for a while, so we were expecting it, but it still sucked. She had very strict rules about how she wanted things to be carried out after she was gone, but she never talked about those rules or plans with me.”

She never in a million years thought that she would inherit anything from Claire, yet she did. Claire willed to her some of her family’s jewelry, a couple of sentimental things, and a good chunk of money.

Claire did leave money for James, and she gave Ian her house as well as a couple of additional items.

As for Ian and James’s dad? He pretty much got nothing, and he was Claire’s only child.

A few days ago, James mentioned that his dad is really upset that Claire gave her so much in her will.

“James said that personally, he doesn’t feel it’s right for me to accept any of the inheritance I received from her either because I wasn’t really her granddaughter,” she said.

“Ian knows about what James said, and he knows how their dad feels, and he’s mad at both of them for it.”

“He said that Claire chose me to have those things and that she loved me like I was her grandchild, so other people’s opinions don’t matter. He also said she had her reasons for giving me those things.”

Even though James didn’t think it was ok, she did accept what Claire left to her, and James is absolutely furious.

James and Ian’s dad is unbelievably angry with her as well, but Ian is thankfully on her side and told her to pay them no mind.

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