Her Husband Gifted Her A Necklace That She Gave To Her Friend, And Now That He Found Out About It He Told Her That She Has A Week To Get It Back

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

3 years ago, a woman’s husband gifted her a necklace before they went out to a party together. Her husband gave this to her as a gift, as he was expecting her to wear it to the party, which she did.

Although she rarely wears the jewelry that her husband buys her, he thinks it’s important for her to have good pieces for important events.

Not too long ago, one of her friends had an event to go to, and she didn’t own a necklace that went with the dress she was planning to wear.

She decided to let her friend have one of her own necklaces to wear, and her friend picked this exact necklace that she wore to that party all those years ago.

“She kept telling me how much she loved the necklace, so I told her she could keep it as I never wear it anyway,” she explained.

She didn’t see anything wrong with allowing her friend to keep this necklace, especially since she wasn’t really going to wear it again.

“I gave her the necklace 4 months ago, but she recently wore it to another party, and my sister-in-law mentioned how I had a necklace that looked exactly like that,” she said.

“My friend told her that I had given it to her and my sister-in-law made a comment about how that was nice of me.”

Her sister-in-law knows about this specific necklace because she has worn it several times in her sister-in-law’s company, and her sister-in-law is fully aware that her husband was the one who purchased this gift for her.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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