Her Toddler Insisted On Bringing Home This Demonic Looking Doll From A Halloween Story

A little girl recently went home after a trip to the store hand in hand with her new favorite toy. Let’s just say it’s far from your average Barbie.

Brittany Beard, a mom living in Groveland, Florida, took her 3-year-old daughter Briar to Spirit Halloween at the end of last month.

For those who do not know, Spirit Halloween is a chain of seasonal retail pop-up stores that are open from early August to early November. You can find everything you need for the Halloween season, from decorations to costumes to accessories.

When Brittany was at the store with Briar, she wrote in a Facebook post that Briar had insisted on buying the “creepiest baby doll you’ve ever set eyes on.”

Briar had fallen in love with a baby doll she and her family famously call ‘Creepy Chloe.’ Chloe sure is creepy. She is an average-sized baby doll but has no hair, completely blacked-out eyes, a mouth slightly agape, and skin that is meant to look cracked like glass.

Yet in the store, Briar told Brittany, “But I’m its mommy, and it needs me!”

“I’m pretty sure Creepy Chloe is stealing my soul when I sleep,” writes Brittany.

The family recently took a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and Briar insisted on bringing Creepy Chloe along. Not only was the doll there, but she was dressed in a princess outfit.

Facebook; pictured above Briar holds Creepy Chloe

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