Her Toddler Insisted On Bringing Home This Demonic Looking Doll From A Halloween Story

Brittany writes that while they were at the Grand Floridian café, a Disney cast member came out to specifically greet Briar and Creepy Chloe, as she loves all things Halloween and couldn’t get enough of them.

“She surprised Briar with an amazing spooky cupcake and a mini handmade chocolate Haunted Mansion poster,” writes Brittany. “It was actually really sweet!”

The family’s day got even more exciting when they went to have a professional photoshoot with Briar and Creepy Chloe at the haunted mansion. The photos included in Brittany’s post are hysterical, as Briar is seen lovingly posing with the demon doll.

Creepy Chloe even earned them special privileges, like a special tour of the Haunted Mansion experience led by cast members and special tickets gifted to them that allowed them to skip the line. How cool!

Briar and Creepy Chloe have gone viral and were recently featured on Inside Edition, People magazine, etc. People cannot get enough of them!

“So all in all, I guess the moral of the story is when your 3-year-old throws a fit over absolutely needing a super creepy Halloween doll…buy the doll,” Brittany writes.

To read more about Briar and Creepy Chloe, visit the link here.

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